Regular servicing is essential for the reliability and smooth running of your vehicle. Main dealer labour rates have meant that the cost of even a basic service can sometimes be extremely high. We offer extensive vehicle servicing that exceeds the level of quality you can expect from a main dealer. We offer vehicle servicing in a clean professional environment. If your vehicle is still covered by it’s manufactures warranty we can carry out our low cost service without voiding the warranty in any way.

Government legislation from 2002 made provision for vehicles to be serviced out of the main dealer network without affecting the warranty as long as the correct parts, oil and service schedule are adhered to. Here at Streetwise we ensure that every service is carried out to the correct specification so you can rest assured that your warranty will remain intact.

Full Servicing

We offer a full service from only £249.95

This service includes the use of high quality semi synthetic oil, oil filter, fuel filter (diesel only) air filter, spark plugs (petrol only) fluid levels check and a full inspection of the vehicle including brakes.

Please see our Service Comparison table below for a full breakdown of checks, tests & replacements.

Annual Servicing

Our interim service is ideal for vehicles that work hard either through many short journeys around urban areas or the other extreme of 1000s of motorway miles. Our interim service includes an oil and filter change as well as a full inspection of the vehicle and all safety related items. Having an interim service in between each full service is the best way to ensure your car runs reliably, efficiently and economically.

Lube Plus Interim Servicing

Our Lube plus service is ideal for keeping your vehicle in tip top condition between major services or for those on a tight budget. It includes a complete oil drain and filter change and an inspection of all essential safety items and fluids. The lube plus service should not be considered a replacement for a full or interim service.

Long life & Variable Servicing

If your vehicle runs on a long life service schedule we can maintain it accordingly using the correct specification oil and parts. Our computer diagnostic system allows us to reset your service interval in the same way that your franchised dealer does. We can also offer unbiased advice about service intervals and which one is best suited to your wallet and driving style.
Service Comparison Chart