Streetwise is Bristol’s only Authorised Revo Dealer for Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3 performance upgrades.

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Typical Performance Improvements

Stage 1 ECU remap typically provides a 8-10% performance increase
Stage 2 ECU remap and hardware upgrade typically provides a 15-25% performance increase
Stage 3 Full hardware & software upgrade provides 70-200% performance increase
*Some owners report improvements in MPG with Diesel vehicles over stock when driven moderately.

Stage 1
Revo ECU Performance Software

Remapping your cars engine is one of the most satisfying modifications you can carry out. Remapping involves updating the software that is responsible for the running of your engine. All modern vehicles have central processing units inside of them that monitor and control every aspect of the engine from timing, fuel / air mixture, temperature and emissions.
Motor manufacturers will generally de tune their engines using the software in the ECU. They do this to increase the margin of tolerance for their engines which allows the engine to remain reliable during any number of adversities. They take into account factors such as poor fuel quality, extremes of temperature, neglect and abuse. This process allows them to manufacture and distribute 1000s of engines and guarantee a high level of reliability.

We can safely remap the ECU software of your vehicle to unleash the engines full potential. As long as your vehicle is well maintained, serviced regularly and not exposed to extreme abuse then the remap will not cause any adverse effects what so ever.

ECU remaps are available for VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda branded vehicles. Every remap comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. An authorised Revo Remap gives you better acceleration, more torque, better throttle response and in some cases improved MPG. Contact us today for information on unleashing the full potential of your vehicle.

Stage 2
Revo ECU Performance Software & Hardware Upgrades

Our Stage 2 upgrades offer extensive power gains over your vehicles standard set up. A custom stage two remap is used to update the engine ECU which is designed to take advantage of increased air flow. An up rated air intake and free flow stainless steel exhaust are fitted. In the case of engines with forced induction (A turbo) a four bar fuel pressure regulator is also installed. Our stage two tuning will typically unleash 10-15% more usable power than a standard remap. We only install high quality parts from Forge Motorsport and Milltek exhausts. These components exceed the performance, design and durability of the OEM parts they replace. Please contact us if you wish to discuss Stage 2 tuning for your vehicle.

Stage 3
Custom Revo Performance Software & Hardware Upgrades

Our Stage 3 upgrade involves extensive engine modification, an uprated turbo and a specific ECU remap. All of our stage three packages are designed to fit your vehicle and as such a strict hardware specification must be followed. This upgrade can result in power gains of up to 200%. Please contact us to discuss your stage three upgrade and the various options available for your engine.